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Fluorinated Coating Agent

Protection by repellency. The product protector.

The quick-dry fluorinated coating agent for industrial use imparts your final products with moisture prevention, waterproofing, water repellency and antifouling properties. The coating agent requires no drying process and increases the reliability of your products.
It is widely used in on-vehicle precision devices, smartphones and optical devices, providing excellent protection on substrates and circuitry.
This agent can be applied to any parts desired by dipping, brushing or dispensing.
The coated layer is uniform and transparent and is much less susceptible to unevenness. Fluorescent coloured type is also available to ensure visibility.

Features of “fluorinated coating agent”

Water and oil repellency

Applications include waterproofing of smartphone housing, prevention of moisture and oil vapor for electronics devices, oil barriers and preventing flux from creeping-up.
It prevents oil from creeping out of small gaps by capillarity and protects peripheral parts from contaminated and outer appearances from being smeared.

Moistureproof and insulation

The fluorinated coating agent has been used for preventing electromigration, whiskering and metal corrosion of circuit boards, and for protecting outdoor equipment from moisture.
The agent effectively prevents vapor entering from outside and protect circuit boards from shorting.


The antifouling feature has been exploited in smartphones and mobile devices to protect the exterior.
It prevents dust, fingerprints and smudges from outside, maintaining the exterior appearance and extending product life.

Product matrix by applications

  1. Issues
  2. Product that solves the problem
  3. Product number
  4. Applications
To prevent the entry of moisture from contacts
Product that solves the problem : Waterproof coating
Product number : FZ-830A
Applications : Metal or resin contacts near exterior
To prevent electromigration of circuit board
Product that solves the problem : Dampproof coating
Product number : FZ-810C
Applications : IC chips in general
To provide barriers against oozing oil
Product that solves the problem : Oil barrier
Product number : FZ-727F
Applications : Near the greased or oiled portions with concerns of oozing

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Dust-trapping Agent

Convenient! Easy!! And Eco-friendly!!! Double-sided tape in liquid form

Double-sided tapes are used in various parts of modern products.
When the tapes are cut to fit complicated shapes, however, unusable tape pieces or debris are inevitably generated.
To solve this issue, we have developed a double-sided tape in liquid form.
It is in liquid form before use, but transforms into a double-sided tape with adhesive surface when it is applied.
No special equipment is required. Brushing is all that is needed.
Our lineup includes products ranging from weak-adhesive type for dust traps to strong-adhesive type that can be used for temporary assembling. We will propose products that fit your needs and applications.
Unlike double-sided tapes, the agent dissolves easily into solvent and leaves no residue that is intrinsic to double-sided tapes.

Product matrix by applications

  1. Issues
  2. Product number
  3. Applications
To prevent the intrusion of dust, dirt and particles
Product number : DST-1304
Applications : Dust prevention in the peripheries of camera lenses
To verify the application of dust trapping agent
Product number : DST-1301V
Applications : Fluorescent colored product
To temporarily hold an oddly shaped item in place
代表品番 : DST-1309
用途 : A replacement for double sided tapes

Our products can be customized to suit your needs.

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We have also uploaded implementation examples for your reference.