Fluorinated Coating Implementation Examples

Problems and background before implementation

Eliminating short-circuiting of PCBs and bleeding of oil

Circuit boards and ICs are integrated into a variety of products such as on-vehicle devices, electronic precision instruments, smartphones and optical devices.
Many devices are presumably used outdoors, and there is an increasing demand for moisture-proofing and dust-proofing properties.
Appling our fluorinated coating prevents the migration of PCB and adhesion of dirt such as dust and hand fat.
The grease, oil and dry lubricant applied in your products may leak to the exterior, causing poor appearance.


Application of METAX prevents short-circuiting of PCBs and bleeding of oil

Our fluorinated coating forms microscale films. Appling the coating on circuit boards or ICs blocks water droplets and moisture from entering and prevents the short-circuiting of the circuit boards.

【Water and oil repellency】
When applied around the exterior, METAX can effectively prevent the leaking of oil components. Being a thin film, it can be sufficiently coated in gaps with small clearances.
Also available is a product that forms an inconspicuous film when applied to exteriors.

Implementation effects

It reduces product defects, extends product life and achieves high quality!

Being the heart of a product, each circuit board or IC is affected in its performance by water droplets and moisture. Our fluorinated coating resolves such issues and significantly extends the life of products.
Our fluorinated coatings are available in various types, including colored type and fluorescent type that facilitate the application verification.
We will be happy to consider custom-made products to meet your need, so please do not hesitate to contact us.