Messages from the Management

Message from the Executive Chairman

Hiroshi Yamaguchi, Executive Chairman

We will deliver products most suited to the customer’s needs.

Since the establishment of our company in September 1969, we have been striving to “thoroughly control quality” and “conduct creative research and development foreseeing the future demands.” Above all, we have been tenaciously pursuing customer’s needs and have overcome the issues with high-mix low-volume production. Through technology partnerships and collaborative developments with many customers, we have developed a number of new products.
In 1978, we inaugurated our Seoul office to respond to rapidly progressing globalization. This was followed by the inaugurations of the Taipei office, Singapore office and Hong Kong office. A system has been established to finely respond to requests from overseas, as well as those from Japan. Fortunately, our products are beloved by customers not only in Japan, but also in other countries and regions including south-east Asia, China, U.S.A. and Europe.
We will strive as one to make further leaps forward.

Hiroshi Yamaguchi
Executive Chairman

Message from the President

Satoshi Ito, President and CEO

In this diversifying world, we aim to create a wealthier society. We will keep challenging ourselves to respond to the growing expectations of our customers on the basis of acquired technologies and past achievement with the motto—the mission of philosophy—“We will deliver products most suited to the customer’s needs.”
We will greatly appreciate the cooperation and support of all the parties related to our business. In taking another step toward the future, we would like to ask for your continuous support in the years to come.

Satoshi Ito
President and CEO

At the Imperial autumn garden party

In honor of the great contribution to electronics device industry

The Chairman, Mr. Hiroshi Yamaguchi, and his wife attended the Imperial autumn garden party held at Akasaka Imperial Gardens on 31st October 2013.
In recognition of Chairman Yamaguchi’s achievement in electronics device industry, the Emperor and Empress directly gave him words of encouragement.

At the Imperial autumn garden party At the Imperial autumn garden party