Corporate Vision

To quickly deliver the most suitable products that fulfill your needs

Quality policy

  1. We all strive to achieve the quality target and goals with the following:
    1. (1) To rapidly provide proper products desired by customers and quickly resolve any discontent of customers.
    2. (2) To pursue for better quality from the customer’s perspective, formulate quality-control methods and fully and correctly implement the method determined.
    3. (3) To deliver optimal products in proper quantity on time to customer’s location.
  2. We will comply with all laws and requests agreed between us and customers.
  3. We will continuously improve the quality of our management system.
  4. We will keep every employee informed about the quality policy and disclose it to the public.

Information security policy

  1. Our efforts in information security

    We regard information security as an important issue, set evaluation standards and establish systems for risk management to ensure sustainable business.

  2. Compliance

    We will comply with all applicable laws and regulations including the act against unfair competition, right of trademark, enterprise name and prevention of illegal access.

  3. Awareness on security

    We will establish the “countermeasure standard of information security” and “basic measure on information security,” as well as will provide in-house education and training to all employees.

  4. Handling of violation

    We will adopt proper measures on the basis of internal rules and “written oath regarding information security.”

Environmental policy

  1. We will establish environmental goals for the following and strive to achieve the goals.
    1. (1) We will deliver and disseminate Eco-friendly products to our customers so as to decrease environmental burden on customers’ manufacturing and development process and thus contribute to environmental improvement.
    2. (2) We will reduce, aiming at zero, the waste oil and grease in the dead stock of Kanto Kasei group.
  2. We will comply with environmental regulations and requirements of customers.
  3. We regard environmental preservation activity as an important management issue and establish and operate our environmental management system for sustainable improvement and pollution prevention.
  4. We will keep all our employees informed about this environmental policy and disclose it to the public.