Semi-wet Lubricant 01 Implementation Examples

Problems and background before implementation

Preventing the scattering of oil when using grease

Grease is used on sliding surfaces of gears to prevent their wear.
However, excessive grease scatters around during rotation, contaminating other parts.


Using HANARL semi-wet products

Substituting the grease with HANARL semi-wet products will decrease the excessive application of oil.

Implementation effects

Improvement and stabilization of product quality

The use of HANARL enables films to be formed on the coated surfaces, which prevents the scattering of oil and stabilizes the product quality.
The amount applied by operators is equalized, significantly decreasing the possibility of contaminating the surroundings.

Improved workability

The HANARL products can be applied not only by dispensers, but also by brushing and dipping, which significantly improves the workability.
The ease of brushing eliminates the variation in operation due to the skills of workers. This and other features contribute to the homogenized product quality.