Contact Grease Implementation Examples

Problems and background before implementation

Switches not turning on at low temperatures!

Hydrocarbon-based grease, used for an on-vehicle micro-switch, solidifies at a low temperature, blocking the switch from turning on (or causing low-temperature chattering). The switch turns on and off for 150 to 300 thousand times and wears out without grease. On-vehicle switches may be used at temperature as low as minus 40 ℃, which increases the viscosity of the grease, causing the moving contacts to ride on the grease and resulting in contact failure.


Using hydrocarbon-based contact grease with excellent low temperature properties!

Our hydrocarbon-based grease for low-temperature prevents chattering of micro-current switches even at a temperature as low as minus 40 ℃; the performance significantly exceeding that of conventional hydrocarbon-based grease.

Implementation effects

The switch life improved by our grease for low-temperature!

The hydrocarbon-based contact grease for low temperature prevents low-temperature chattering, improves the life of switches, and is being widely used for on-vehicle switches.