Semi-wet Lubricant 02 Implementation Examples

Problems and background before implementation

Squeaky noise caused by resin parts

A significantly increasing amount of resin is being used to reduce product weight and manufacturing cost.
Unique nosies are generated from resin fittings.
In many cases, the nosies cannot be eliminated by using sliding-grade lubricating resin.


Measures against squeaky noise using HANARL products

When applied to fittings, the semi-wet product prevents the generation of squeaky noise by virtue of the cushioning feature brought about by fluorine oil and fluorine powder.
The imparted lubricity protects the resin that will otherwise be worn out by the generated sound.
The water repellency, also imparted by the nature of fluorine, prevents the penetration of water through the fittings.

Implementation effects

Prevention of squeaky noise

The issue of squeaky noise, which could have been suppressed only by lubrication grade resin, can now be resolved by mere application of HANARL, which enables the use of common resins.
This leads to a significant reduction of the cost.
Also, the imparted lubricity and water repellency has expanded the applications to fittings near exterior surfaces that require simple water-proofing.
The application of HARNAL prevents wear of resin parts sliding against each other, which will otherwise have worn out without the application.